Strengthen the Bond

The goal of JNF’s education program is to strengthen the bonds between our youth and Israel, their heritage and the environment, fostering the leaders of tomorrow. Through their education and outreach programs, JNF demonstrates the tangible contributions being made to improve life in Israel and around the world.

  • We invite you to enjoy a selection of educational programs, guided activities and extension classes for educators in collaboration with kkl-jnf-education.kulam.org

    Our education shlicim in each state are at your disposal to run activities in your school. For further teaching materials suitable for every age group from kindergarten pupils to seniors and youth movements please get in touch at education@localhost

    Contact: education@localhost

    Yigal Nisell – NSW & WA Education Shaliach

    yigalnisell@localhost or 0424-999-699

    Eldad Shoham – VIC Education Officer

    eldad@localhost or 0423-686-090



Israel resources for teachers, parents and students to download and use to your heart’s content.


The Jewish Identity

The customs and rituals of Judaism, have enabled the Jewish people to remain one nation throughout a history of exile. Rituals including lighting Shabbat candles, celebrating the Jewish holidays and marking lifecycle events have remained the same for generations and connect the Jewish people across the globe.


Discover the magnificent sights of this vastly diverse country from the desert in the south to the Mediterranean Sea in the West and snow-capped mountains in the North.


JNF has played a vital role in the environmental development of Israel since the formation of the state. From buying and sowing the land and planting trees in the early days to investing in sustainable agriculture today, JNF has helped to ensure a viable country for its nearly 9 million citizens. JNF has helped develop reservoirs to harvest floodwater and enrich groundwater, established water treatment facilities to impound purified wastewater for use in irrigation and rehabilitate rivers to restore aquatic habitats for plants and animals and create new recreation areas.


Israel is a nation of innovators. With a culture of tenacity and drive, it has become a global leader in many fields including medicine, agriculture and technology. JNF Australia actively supports renewable energy, agri tech research and other sustainable initiatives to improve the lives of millions of Israeli citizens.

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Enviroment and Ecology in Israel2021-07-20T14:52:12+10:00
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Israeli Nobel Prize Winners2021-07-20T14:52:43+10:00
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The Jewish Nation

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Jewish Immigration to Israel2021-07-20T14:49:50+10:00
Israel & Diaspora Jewry2021-07-20T14:50:00+10:00
Jewish Peoplehood2021-07-20T14:50:10+10:00

My Israel Passport

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Years 3 – 6 Classroom Activity


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Every year, JNF Australia takes teachers from across Australia on a 10 day visit to Israel. The tour, open to all teachers of Jewish students, aims to strengthen the connection between Israel and the Australian education system. 

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Are you learning Hebrew?

This competition is open to Hebrew students in NSW, from Year 8 to Year 11.

Amazing prizes for best entries for secondary and community language school students.

Submissions Open: 27 April 2022
Submissions Close: 2 June 2022


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