For over a century, money raised in Blue Boxes has assisted Zionist pioneers in their efforts to build the infrastructure of a modern,
thriving State.

Today, the Blue Box remains a powerful symbol of Jewish unity and a reminder of the part every Jew can play in strengthening Eretz Israel.

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It all started with a hat – Theodor Herzl’s hat. In 1901, at the fifth Zionist Congress, Herzl removed his hat and asked delegates for donations to re-establish a Jewish Homeland in Eretz Yisrael.

Two weeks later, the iconic Blue Box was born. Today, more than a century later, the Blue Box remains a powerful link between Diaspora Jewry and the People of Israel. That is why, this Pesach, we are dedicating our Blue Box campaign to a town that began as barren land :Yerucham.

Since 1951,Yerucham has been home to heroic pioneers. Holocaust survivors from Romania, refugees from North Africa, Persia and India, and new immigrants from the former Soviet Union. Today, Yerucham is a diverse and growing community of over10,000 people Just like Pesach is a story of hope, freedom, and strength, Yerucham is a story of resilience and acceptance. But most importantly, it exemplifies a deep Zionist spirit and dedication to Am Yisrael.

Help us keep the story alive by supporting Yerucham Heritage Park.

By helping us develop this park and heritage museum, your generosity will directly impact the people of Yerucham: building their economy and empowering their community.

We know that you have been part of this ongoing story. And for that, we can’t thank you enough. With your kindness today, we hope to share the miracle of Yerucham to visitors for years to come.

Thank you for helping us continue our story. Together, we are supporting communities to grow Israel’s future.

Yerucham Heritage Park before and after

The project incorporates a Heritage Museum, new groves of trees, shaded seating areas, an amphitheatre and a state-of-the-art playground.

This new green space will provide a recreational and outdoor learning facility for residents and encourage visitors to the area. This will support the local economy and promote greater awareness of the town’s contribution to Israel’s development.

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