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Join us in supporting environmental relief efforts across Australia in light of the current bushfires crisis AND creating a community garden for children with disabilities and their families in Israel.

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Improving the quality of life for families supported by HaBayit LaMishpachot (“A Home for Families”) in Dimona, located in Israel’s South.

HaBayit LaMishpachot is a community centre providing essential services for children with disabilities and their families. It acts as a haven for all members of the family where they can work together with professionals in the field of disabilities. Once completed, HaBayit LaMishpachot will truly serve as a place that provides support and enhances the sense of partnership and belonging, all in order to improve the quality of life of the child and their family.

With your help, the 2020 JNF Green Sunday Appeal will raise much needed funds for a lush and calming community garden surrounding HaBayit LaMishpachot.

Supporting wildlife and ecological recovery from the Australian Bushfires

Due to the unprecedented bushfires emergency, JNF will direct 50% of the funds raised from our Green Sunday campaign to WWF’s Australian Wildlife and Nature Recovery Fund. It’s been estimated that around 1.25 billion animals have been killed across Australia to date. This includes thousands of koalas and other iconic species such as kangaroos, wallabies, kookaburras, cockatoos and honeyeaters burnt alive, and many thousands more injured and homeless. The catastrophic megafires sweeping our country are greatly exacerbating the species extinction crisis we’re already facing. Yet this is just the beginning.

The WWF Australian Wildlife and Nature Recovery Fund will deliver wildlife response at scale, habitat restoration and future proofing Australia.

We have also received an outpouring of support from our various partners in Israel, who have expressed solidarity with all their Australian friends.

Please donate today to give the people of Dimona the hope and support they need and to assist with bushfires recovery efforts in Australia.
If you would prefer to donate over the phone, please phone our office on 1300 563 563 or our volunteers will be calling on Sunday 16th February 2020.

Donations towards our Green Sunday campaign are tax deductible.

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If you are Year 9 or above, we would really appreciate your help to call the community on Sunday 16th February 2020 to support this vital project.

Special thanks to Detector Inspector for their support of the 2020 Green Sunday Campaign. Click here to learn more about their services.