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Join us in supporting Australian wildlife & nature recovery efforts AND ensuring the ongoing sustainability of Israel’s South

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JNF & WWF Restoration Support Program

Right now, Australia is being ravaged by the most devastating and unprecedented bushfire season, with an estimated 10.7 million hectares of Australian land burnt and 1.25 billion animals killed.

This Green Sunday, 50% of funds raised will be directed to supporting wildlife and nature recovery efforts through the JNF & WWF Restoration Support Program.

A staged recovery and restoration effort will involve:

  • Restoring the ecological structure and function of core areas across Eastern Australia
  • Protecting and enhancing forest corridors to enable movement, adaptation and recovery of koalas and other native animals
  • Establishing supplementary habitat for small, tree-dependent mammals through the installation of nest boxes to replace the natural tree hollows that have been lost. Native understorey will be established to increase insect and small vertebrate prey numbers, as well as strategic management of feral predators
  • Strengthening the health and value of habitat in unburnt regions whilst helping to protect these areas from future fire events

Nitzana Ecological Park

The other 50% of funds raised through our Green Sunday campaign will be dedicated to the development of the Nitzana Ecological Park, in one of the most remote areas of Israel’s Negev. The park will transform an old wastewater treatment plant into an oasis, featuring picnic areas, cycling trails and attracting many rare species of birds.

The project will also involve expanding the neighbouring water reservoir for agricultural use. The development of the Nitzana region is vital for the the ongoing sustainability and security of Israel’s South.

Nitzana Park before and after:

Please support these two important projects by donating online or via your pledge card received in the mail. Alternatively, if you would prefer to donate over the phone, our youth volunteers will be calling on Sunday 9th February 2020.

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