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About Andy Bromberger - ASCM, BMus performance

Andy Bromberger started her music career with a Bachelor of Music (performance) at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music majoring in the Clarinet. For 20 years she taught clarinet, played professionally, and coordinated and conducted school bands. On a non-musical note she also set up a small catering business then spent a few years developing her painting skills.

In 2010 Andy changed her career direction when she realised that there are many people attending concerts and listening to classical music who are passionate about music but have little knowledge of it.

Andy decided to rectify this in a series called ‘Coffee Cake and Culture’, combining Andy’s 4 major passions in life; music, education, history and BAKING.

Small, intimate groups come to her home where she gives informal talks starting with a piece of homemade cake, tea or coffee ( hence the name).

Andy’s classes take a wider view of music history, exploring music’s social history; the political, environmental and societal circumstances which influenced composers, performers and the listening public.

Each class is interactive with a DVD made specifically for the topic including musical excerpts, interviews, images of paintings, sculptures and architecture as well as more quirky and unusual titbits.

These classes are for both those with limited musical knowledge as well as for those with a deeper understanding. Her students find them informative, well presented and deeply researched. Andy ensures everyone feels comfortable enough in her classes to ask questions and to debate.

To date, as well as classes in her home, she regularly presents at the Limmud Oz symposiums, gives yearly lecture series at the Art Gallery of NSW, features in a series of interviews on Eastside Radio, lectures at WEA and speaks at events both nationally and internationally.