Pay Per Click

In order to grow, you need to reach new prospective customers. A critial way to do this is with online advertising on Google, Facebook , Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn or other platforms. Up to 80% of marketers now allocate at least some ad budget to search, social, display and remarketing ads. This statistic is only growing with marketers realising that paid advertising must complement free advertising to create a holistic and effective strategy.

Optimise your campaign by researching and connecting with qualified leads and traffic flow to your website.

  • Attract customers searching for your products & services
  • Increased traffic flow to your website
  • Highly targeted and qualified leads
  • No more wasted budgets – pay only for what is used


Don’t waste your precious budget by advertising to people who do not fit your targeted customer profile. Pay Per Click Advertising reaches those customers who are more likely to buy your product. They have the same interests, needs and geographic location as your target audience.


Don’t leave your advertising to chance. Our highly tested approach ensures that you maximise your returns.

Get the best from your ad spend and let Omni Online help maximise your profits by building and optimising your online advertising campaign.