Our promise to you is that you will always be remembered

JNF takes pride in ensuring that your memory is honoured both in Australia and Israel. Individuals who leave a gift in their Will are remembered in the following ways:

  • Kaddish is said and your name displayed in perpetuity during the moth of your Yahrzeit in the President’s Synagogue in Jerusalem.

  • Your Name is remembered every year in our monthly Yahrzeit notice in the Australian Jewish News as well as other relevant community publications.

  • If you leave a gift of $18,000 or more, a plaque can be inscribed with your name (and your loved ones if you choose) in a Yahrzeit memorial area in Israel to acknowledge your support.

Thank you

On behalf of all those in Israel who will benefit in the future from your benevolence and generosity.


For a confidential discussion about leaving a gift in your Will to JNF, please contact:

NSW/SA/QLD/ACT – contact Romy Dinte romy@omnionlineservices.com.au or Len Mahemoff  lenm@omnionlineservices.com.au (02) 9386 9559

VIC – contact Jackie Chait (03) 9272 5666 jackiec@omnionlineservices.com.au

WA – contact Nikki Leib on (08) 9275 2761 or NikkiL@omnionlineservices.com.au