JNF NSW is proud to have the most successful Blue Box Campaign World Wide.

Paul Lowinger, NSW Blue Box Chairman, a long standing JNF volunteer and collector was on a family holiday in New York when he received a surprising phone call asking him to collect the Blue Box of his cousin George Klas in Manhattan.

George who grew up in Sydney and has now been living in Manhattan for over 40 years was inspired by the childhood memories of his late father Henry Klas, who in the tradition of Tzadaka and the JNF, always had the largest Blue Box collection in Bellevue Hill. “Every time George visits Sydney he brings his Blue Box with him and when I visit New York he always asks me to clear his box” explains Paul.

It appears that Blue Box clearing in New York is passé while in Australia it remains the Flagship of JNF.

Good on you George, may you always retain your love of Israel and JNF.
As for Paul Lowinger, NSW Blue Box Chairman he proudly claims to have the LARGEST BLUE BOX Run in the World.