Ecology & Afforestation

Since its establishment in 1901, JNF has planted over 240 million trees . JNF continues to manage Israel’s forests, sustain her natural environment and protect border communities against rockets and snipers with natural camouflage.

Research & Development

JNF has built leading edge environmental research and development centers which produce innovative, scientific discoveries that benefit Israel and people throughout the world.

Recreation and Tourism

JNF develops recreation facilities, picnic areas, scenic roads, cycling trails and accessible parks. These facilities directly support Israel’s rapidly expanding tourism industry, attracting local and international visitors.

Education and Training

JNF has supported more than 2100 schools and funds educational programs focused on providing informative, interactive and enjoyable learning experiences for children, adults and international students alike.

Community Development

JNF has directly supported over 1200 communities throughout Israel. Dust and desert have been replaced with green spaces, gardens, playgrounds and landscaping, vital to creating thriving communities.

Wildlife Conservation

JNF supports the conservation of wildlife across Israel. Natural habitats for a variety of species are sustained and enhanced so that they continue to survive and flourish.

Water Management

Thanks to JNF, Israel has become a world leader in water management, recycling and conservation technology. JNF has built reservoirs which provide over half of the water required for Israel’s agricultural communities.

Social Welfare

Through the recent adoption of Benevolent Relief Status, JNF now incorporates and promotes a much wider range of projects assisting in social welfare issues. JNF provides relief and support to communities suffering from poverty, distress, sickness and disability.