Project Description

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Yozmot Atid enables underprivileged women of all sectors of the Israeli society to reach economic independence through micro-entrepreneurship and business mentoring.

Yozmot Atid offers an effective platform, under which each program participant receives 150 hours of high-quality professional guidance including:

  • Personal & group training: financial advice, taxation, marketing and customers growth and suppliers’ management
  • A Micro loan
  • 10,000 NIS worth of branding, website and other consulting services
  • 1 year of mentoring conducted by professional volunteers

The platform consists on the following two beliefs:

  • Micro-entrepreneurship can greatly assist individuals struggling with economic hardship; it is beneficial for struggling individuals and for the economy and society as a whole. However, in the absence of access to resources, it is extremely difficult for disadvantaged populations to operate in this sector
  • Women are a particularly vulnerable sector, both in light of the gender wage gap and the fact that many women are defined as housewives and are therefore deducted from the labour force calculation
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