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A vulnerable yet determined community

Less than one kilometre from the Gaza strip, the city of Sderot has been a regular target of rocket and mortar attacks, with 13 people killed and dozens injured over the last 15 years.

Home to approximately 3,500 families, the residents of Sderot live under the ongoing threat of further attacks causing immeasurable psychological trauma and anxiety.

Yet the trying times have made them even more resolved to survive and prosper. Despite the threat, Sderot is experiencing an upswing in housing and renewal. Its economy and educational offerings are improving, new buildings are being constructed, and more people are moving to the city.

Sderot and its people have become a symbol of Israeli resilience and growing prosperity in the face of adversity.

A much needed haven

In cooperation with the Municipality of Sderot, JNF has embarked on a bold project to develop a 50,000m2 multifaceted recreational parkland in Sderot’s Music neighbourhood. The state of the art amenity will include playing fields and courts, bicycle and walking trails, playgrounds, picnic areas, water play areas and a lake.

With the need to run for safety from incoming rockets, with only 15 seconds warning, a generation of children and young adults have missed out on the beauty of the outdoors. By providing a safe and inviting place for play and leisure, the park will re-introduce the outdoors as a wonderful place of fun and enjoyment.

The protected green facility will be a haven for much needed recreation for the people of Sderot, as well as for its multitude of visitors, vastly improving its quality of life and image.

Providing hope

With your help, an even brighter future for the people of Sderot is now within reach. The park will lift the morale of Sderot residents, enable the arrival of new families, support the growth in eco-tourism and contribute to building a viable future for the residents along Israel’s Southern periphery.

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