Project Description

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This groundbreaking program brings Monash University students of education to Israel for a three-week international teaching practicum focusing on sustainability education. Students see, experience, and participate in sustainability education in Israel through a combination of student teaching, volunteering, workshops, lectures, and site visits. The program enables cross-cultural exchanges and international partnerships in the field of sustainability education, training teachers to better educate the next generation regarding sustainability and Israel’s contributions to the field.

Program Details
The program consists of fifteen days of student teaching at diverse Hebrew and Arabic speaking schools in the Haifa area, where students are mentored by local teachers in nursery, elementary, junior high, and high schools. In the afternoons, several times a week, students participate in a sustainability education program based at Oranim College, alongside Oranim students, including volunteering, lectures, and workshops. Prior to the teaching practicum, students spend three days hosted by the Central Arava Australia partnership, visiting sites in the field of sustainability and sustainability education.


  • Students gain an understanding of Israel’s unique contributions in the field of sustainability and sustainability education, which they share with their communities in Australia.
  • Student teachers gain knowledge and tools in the field of sustainability education which they apply in their work as educators in Australia.
  • Students gain understanding of and appreciation for the diversity and complexity of Israeli society, culture, history, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
  • Students’ experience teaching in a foreign context enables them to develop as teachers, becoming more tolerant and better able to engage diversity in the classroom.
  • Israeli students of education at Oranim College partner with Australian students in the field of sustainability education. They exchange ideas regarding sustainability education and build personal and professional relationships based on their common interest in sustainability and education.
  • Israeli school children and teachers at participating schools in the Haifa area form relationships with Australian student teachers, giving them opportunities for cross-cultural exchange, including in the field of sustainability. These relationships contribute to both the Israelis’ and the Australians’ sensitivity to and appreciation of diversity.
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