JNF salutes our volunteers, without whom our goals could not have been achieved.

Volunteers are the lifeline of our organization and the secret to our success! We rely on their time and good spirits, which they generously contribute to JNF as our trusty ambassadors.

Our volunteers are our “foot soldiers”– going door to door, visiting patrons who are proud to keep a Blue Box in their homes – they are the impeccable example of true volunteer work; always acting from the heart.

They are the young volunteers, from the schools and the youth movements, who assist us on Green Sunday each year as they man the phones, making calls to thousands of Jewish households, with one goal in mind: to raise funds for trees to be planted in Israel on Tu B’Shvat.

They are the volunteers who participate in our committees, supporting the work of JNF and giving their time, talent and efforts to help our organization run efficiently.

These are the volunteers who come into the office to help fold letters and stuff envelopes – a great assistance which helps us lower the costs of mail-outs that are distributed several times a year.

JNF is truly grateful for our volunteers and for the various levels of assistance they offer, each one doing whatever he or she can to help us in our shared cause of supporting the State of Israel.

If you would like to volunteer fill in the form below OR contact the JNF office on 1300 563 563


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