The greatest firefighter mobilization since the 2010 Carmel Forest disaster took place on Friday, when a large fire near Beit Shemesh destroyed more than 370 acres of natural forest — trees your parents and grandparents planted — and much of the local wildlife was trapped in the flames and perished. The fire’s damage to the woodland is so severe it will take nature 20 years to recover.

More than a dozen firefighting planes — planes acquired after the Carmel fire — and 70 fire crews took part in the effort, including firefighters and rangers from Jewish National Fund.

Look at what we accomplished in Carmel. They said it couldn’t be done but they did not know Jewish National Fund. Help us do it again. Restore the Beit Shemesh forest.

“We faced a huge fire on a grand scale. This was the biggest fire since the Carmel fire, in terms of order of battle ground crews and fire fighters firefighting planes.”
– Chief Shmuel Friedman, Acting Head of Operations Fire and Rescue Service Israel

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