JNF Education strengthens the bonds of our youth to Israel, its people, and the environment. Through its education and outreach programs, JNF demonstrates the tangible contributions made by the organisation to improving life in Israel and around the world. JNF helps GROW OUR FUTURE in the land we love and amongst the communities we live in.

Aims and Goals:
1. To strengthen the Jewish and Zionist education
2. To strengthen the Jewish identities and the connection to Israel
3. To raise ecological awareness and necessity for conservation
4. To foster leadership and responsibility for the future

We invite you to enjoy a selection of educational programs, guided activities, excursions, instruction and extension classes for teachers and instructors. We can also provide teaching materials suitable for every age group from kindergarten pupils to seniors and youth movements.


Yigal Nisell – NSW Education Shaliach
yigalnisell@omnionlineservices.com.au or 0424-999-699

Eldad Shoham – VIC Education Officer
eldad@omnionlineservices.com.au or 0423-686-090


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