A JNF delegation from Australia has attended the official opening of Allenby Park in Be’er Sheva.

Elaine Smaller, Peter Smaller (JNF Australia President), Ruvik Danilovich (Beer Sheva Mayor), Efi Stenzler (KKL­JNF World Chairman), Dave Sharma (Australian Ambassador), Dan Springer (JNF Australia CEO). This follows the restoration of the original park that was built by the Ottomans and rededicated to General Allenby in 1917 after Be’er Sheva was liberated by Australian Light Horse regiments together with forces from Britain and NZ. The restoration was funded by JNF Australia and is part of the ANZAC Trail, culminating in an ANZAC Museum that will be completed in time for the centenary of the Beer Sheva liberation on October 31 2017. A plaque was unveiled in honour of the five JNF major donor families who funded the park, two of whom were in attendance: Peter and Elaine Smaller from Sydney together with Dr Michael and Rosemary Tuch from Brisbane.

The other donors were David Gonski, Orli Wargon, Peter  and Sharon Ivany and Michael and Atida Naphtali.