Delivering First Class Valet service to the Australian market

“From a ‘crazy dream’ to a market reality.” That’s how Managing Director, Robert (Rob) Horton describes the arrival of First Class Valet onto the Australian market.

Along with his wife and business partner Lesley-Ann, both had forged
successful commercial careers in their own right.

Rob, as a graduate from the famed West Point US Military Academy, followed this with his service in the US Army. Then again, graduating with his MBA tucked firmly under his arm forged a career in investment banking creating an opportunity for him to transfer from USA to his wife’s home country of Australia.

Lesley-Ann who grew up in Sydney, also a career executive in major corporates, joined a large retail development company specialising in commercialisation.

After living in the USA for several years, not long after settling back in Australia, they were presented with a realisation that there was a significant ‘gap’ in the Australian market for a service they each ‘took for granted’ when living overseas, ie; first class valet parking. Sure, there was a small number of venues and shopping centres claiming to provide valet parking, but nothing of the quality or calibre that Rob and Lesley-Ann thought worthy of the venue, brands or the clientele frequenting these venues.

Together, they left their corporate lives behind in an audacious and brave pursuit of their dream, to create a business that would provide Australian businesses and their guests with a quality valet experience that delivers ‘above and beyond’ for all concerned; a value-adding service to venues and a ‘wow’ experience that would have their guests advocating their experience to others and returning again, and again. Today First Class Valet parks on average over 6,000 cars per month.

Like many success stories, the rest as they say; ‘is history’.

First Class Valet was established in Sydney since 2014, and has grown nationally to other states
and cities.