Series 1 – Major Musical Milestones

This series explores musical concepts and ideas that were invented rather than evolved; that not only changed the course of musical history but also heavily influenced all of European history.

1. Notation

For 4000 years there was no musical notation. A monk named Guido changed this in about 1000 AD. In this class we trace music’s development without formal notation and look how notation impacted on music afterwards.

2. Opera

Opera was born due to a trick of fate in 1598. From its inception it has been used as a voice for the aristocracy, the oppressed and the liberated, inspired revolution and even started one.

3. Equal Temperament

Musicians, composers, scientists and instrument makers worked to manipulate sound to make our concept of tonality different from all other music. How and why did they do this?

4. Piano

The piano was invented about 300 years ago. There were keyboard instruments before this time but its impact on the musical world has been likened to the invention of the steam engine in the industrial world.

5. Emancipation and Music

Prior to the 19th century the Jewish community in Europe had no influence on classical music. How and why did this all change, and what has been their contribution since?

6. Recording

It has only been in the last 120 years that we have had the technology to hear ourselves. What have been the ramifications of this invention?

  • Classes must be taken as a series of 6.
  • Each class runs for 1 and a half hours starting with coffee and cake. Please see website or call Andy for course times and dates.
  • All classes are held once a month and last for 1 and a half hours.
  • Minimum of 5 per class.
  • Locations are the Eastern suburbs or North Shore. They are easily accessable by public transport.
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  • Classes may be conducted elsewhere and can be customised to fit your specific group.