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Andy Bromberger started her musical career as a professional clarinettist teaching and playing in numerous orchestras as well as performing in her own successful quintet, Enigma Five.
For nearly ten years she has been the force behind ‘Coffee, Cake and Culture’, where she presents lectures in intimate private groups, demystifying classical music, looking at its historical, political and societal background over coffee and homemade cakes.
She also gives regular lectures at the Art Gallery of NSW and the WEA, as well as a series of radio programs on Sydney’s Eastside radio. And from 2019 she will be a tour leader for music related tours with Renaissance Tours.
With a passionate and engaging style of presentation, Andy is in demand with both national and international audiences.

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Series 11 - Each Era Examined

Each era in music has certain characteristics which make it unique. These are often due to the social and political nature of the period, advancement in technologies and trends. By understanding these idiosyncrasies, it is easier to connect with the music.


Series 10 - Six Seminal Compositions

Throughout musical history there have been compositions written that changed the face of music making. These seminal pieces allowed subsequent composers to break new ground and explore different ways of communicating with their audience.


Series 9 - Composers, Courts and Classicism

There was an enormous amount of change in the Classical period (about 1730- 1820), including the Enlightenment, the French Revolution, Industrial Revolution,  American Independence and for us in Australia both Cook and Phillip coming to our shores.



  • I find the classes interesting and well-researched and I enjoy Andy's relaxed style of presentation. I especially like the link to world events and other artists of all types.

  • I have been attending Coffee Cake and Culture classes for many years finding them fun, informative and enjoyable. They have opened my mind to how music is structured and how it fits into historical context making my concert going so much more relevant . And the coffee and cakes are divine!

  • As a music teacher and presenter myself I can say that Andy's classes are a delight. They are inspiring, entertaining and bring music to life

  • This has been a fascinating course which has filled in much knowledge of the period and its music that I was missing. Andy is an outstanding lecturer. She has a very deep understanding of her subject which she delivers with much humour. She encourages questions and class discussion which often comes up with very interesting ideas. I will certainly be enrolling in her next course.

  • This was such an excellent course ... one of the best out of the many courses I have done at WEA . Andy is an amazing tutor ... both in her extensive knowledge and her wonderful engaging style of presentation I feel very lucky to have attended this course and hope to attend more in the future I feel like I’ve made a wonderful discovery !

  • I enjoyed Andy's course. It was extremely interesting, very well presented and Andy's enthusiasm for the topic shone through. Andy's weekly homemade cake for morning tea was delicious and really appreciated!

  • Andy is an outstanding tutor. She is in complete command of her subject and has the ability to explain complex concepts in a way that make them easy to understand. I thought I knew quite a lot about the Baroque period but thanks to Andy I now know a lot more.

  • Andy is such a happy, energetic and knowledgeable tutor. SO much fun as well as being informative. I am now going to have to wait until, I think, November for her next class.

  • This was my first tour with Renaissance and I thought Andy surpassed any expectations I may have had of a tour leader. Her wonderful warm personality and incredible background knowledge of her subjects flowed into my added enjoyment of all the performances. She was always available for us and I felt I gained a lot of insight and background of the performances, especially before we experienced them.

  • Andy Bromberger was delightful. She had a wonderful knowledge of music and her preperformance / visit, talks, enabled us to have a greater depth of understanding of theperformances/visits we were to see. I have the highest praise for Andy

  • Andy's musical knowledge and her lovely bubbly personality made for a wonderful combination. She was a delight to be with.